Specializing in the representation of crime victims, women and children.


Wendy Murphy

Wendy is adjunct professor of sexual violence law at New England Law|Boston where she has taught for fifteen years. An impact litigator whose work in state and federal courts around the country has changed the law to improve protections for women's and children's constitutional rights, she developed and directs several projects in conjunction with the school's Center for Law and Social Responsibility. The Judicial Language Project began in 2005 and involves law students using socio-linguistic research to critique harmful language used in law and society to describe violence against women and children. The Sexual Violence Legal News Project distributes appellate decisions of note to increase understanding among lay audiences ny explain the likely impact and real world consequences of a court's ruling. Students involved in the project also provide editorial comments and helpful ideas so that people can take steps to enhance or prevent the decision's effects. The JD/PhD project is a multidisciplinary program where a JD student is teamed up with a PhD student to work across disciplines and produce a written critique that expresses the scientific and legal value of new research related to interpersonal violence. The team analyzes methodological reliability for the purpose of expediting or preventing its delivery into law, legal policy and human behavior. Read more»

Wendy Murphy Lecturing

Wendy lectures widely on gender-based violence, civil rights on campus, women's, children's, and victims' constitutional rights, and criminal justice policy.

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Rape Drugs

Attorney Wendy Murphy can help victims prove they were drugged. Victims are often told that tests cannot be done after drugs disappear from blood and urine (which usually occurs after a matter of hours), but Murphy helps victims obtain results long after the incident through hair testing. Check out CampusAccountability.org for more information.

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