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About Wendy Murphy

By Wendy Murphy    Feb. 27, 2013


Wendy Murphy, JDWendy is adjunct professor of sexual violence law at New England Law|Boston where she has taught for fifteen years. An impact litigator whose work in state and federal courts around the country has changed the law to improve protections for women’s and children’s constitutional rights, she developed and directs several projects in conjunction with the school’s Center for Law and Social Responsibility. The Judicial Language Project began in 2005 and involves law students using socio-linguistic research to critique harmful language used in law and society to describe violence against women and children. The Sexual Violence Legal News Project distributes appellate decisions of note using lay language to increase understanding among lay audiences, to explain the likely impact and real world consequences of a court’s ruling. Students involved in the project also provide editorial comments and helpful ideas so that people can take steps to enhance or prevent the decision’s real world consequences. The JD/PhD project is a multidisciplinary program where a JD student is teamed up with a PhD student to work across disciplines to understand the scientific and legal value of new research related to interpersonal violence. The team then produces a memorandum of law analyzing the study’s methodological reliability for the purpose of expediting or preventing its delivery into law, legal policy and human behavior.

Wendy was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School from 2002-2003 where her work focused on the status of women in their capacity as victims in the criminal justice system. Wendy previously taught “Reproductive Rights and Technologies” at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in 2002 served as the Mary Joe Frug Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at New England Law|Boston where she has also taught courses in reproductive technologies and constitutional criminal procedure.

She is the founder and director of the Victim Advocacy & Research Group, a volunteer legal advocacy organization that has provided free legal services to victims and other third-parties in the criminal justice system since 1992.

Wendy is a former child abuse and sex crimes prosecutor who sits on many boards and has served on the Massachusetts Governor’s Crime Commission and Commission against Sexual and Domestic Violence. She has consulted with Congress, worked with the White House Women’s Office and taught on the faculty of the Poynter Institute in connection with programs related to media and reporting on sexual violence. She is also a consultant with expertise in constitutional law, civil rights, criminal justice policy and legal strategy.

Dubbed the “Best Talker on TV” with her “finger on the pulse of women’s rights” by Emmy Award winning journalist and former executive producer of ABC World News Tonight, Emily Rooney, Wendy has worked for CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and CBS News as a legal analyst, and appears regularly on network and cable television. She has written for The Daily Beast and the Boston Herald, and is a regular columnist for The Patriot Ledger. She also serves as a contributing editor to Womens’ eNews and is the author of several chapters in consortium books. Her first solo book, And Justice For Some, was published by Penguin/Sentinel in September 2007 and was updated and re-released in paperback in 2014.

Author of the first law review article in the nation to explain the relationship between Title IX and campus sexual assault (based on a landmark case she won against Harvard in 2002), Wendy’s work on violence against women in education forged new pathways to increased awareness and advocacy for nearly twenty years.

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