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A Critique of the Columbia Journalism Review’s Analysis of Rolling Stone’s “A Rape on Campus” Story

By Wendy Murphy    Apr. 08, 2015


Maybe even more disturbing is that not a single established women’s rights organization has spoken out or even asked obvious questions about why neither Rolling Stone nor the CJR has established to any degree of certainty that “Jackie” even exists, and if so, whether she in fact reported a gang rape to police or UVA officials – EVER.

Consider the following:

The CJR criticized Rolling Stone for failing to determine where certain information came from and whether any of it was true.  These are fair criticisms because they point out the importance of journalists printing only reliable information. But the CJR did many of the same things it criticized Rolling Stone for doing wrong. For example, the CJR complained that Rolling Stone had inadequate proof that there ever was a “gang rape,” but the CJR itself failed to obtain adequate proof of a far more basic fact – that “Jackie” even reported a gang rape – ever – to anyone.

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By Wendy Murphy    Mar. 31, 2015

Judge says SaVE can NOT be used to weaken Title IX, or have “any effect” on Title IX’s enforcement on campus.

Dear colleagues;

In an important court ruling last week, a federal judge in D.C. ruled that the Campus SaVE Act can have “no effect” on Title IX.

This was a critically important victory and an important first step on the way to ensuring that no sexual assault victim on any campus is subjected to second-class justice when she seeks redress in the aftermath of sex-based violence (sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.)

SaVE was filed with Congress in 2011 with the enthusiastic support of many advocacy groups around the nation because they were told SaVE would “codify” the Department of Education’s April 4, 2011 Dear Colleague Letter.  (DCL)  The DCL was excellent and made clear that schools must address violence against women using the SAME standards as those that apply to the redress of violence on the basis of race, national origin, etc.  Violence against women in education had finally achieved its rightful seat at the civll rights table of justice.

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By Wendy Murphy    Feb. 18, 2015

For Women’s eNews
New England Law|Boston

50 Shades of GreyIf ticket sales are any measure, Fifty Shades of Grey is a resounding victory.  But if success is also determined by whether a film can make an entire population of people believe that sexually brutalizing a human being is an acceptable way to achieve orgasm, then the film could well become a towering achievement if the faces of people in the audience are any indication.  One friend described what she saw: “I felt terribly sad watching violence being portrayed as sexually desirable, but what really got to me was that people around me – including many young women – were smiling at the very scenes where I was on the verge of tears.”

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