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A Critique of the Columbia Journalism Review’s Analysis of Rolling Stone’s “A Rape on Campus” Story

By Wendy Murphy    Apr. 08, 2015


Maybe even more disturbing is that not a single established women’s rights organization has spoken out or even asked obvious questions about why neither Rolling Stone nor the CJR has established to any degree of certainty that “Jackie” even exists, and if so, whether she in fact reported a gang rape to police or UVA officials – EVER.

Consider the following:

The CJR criticized Rolling Stone for failing to determine where certain information came from and whether any of it was true.  These are fair criticisms because they point out the importance of journalists printing only reliable information. But the CJR did many of the same things it criticized Rolling Stone for doing wrong. For example, the CJR complained that Rolling Stone had inadequate proof that there ever was a “gang rape,” but the CJR itself failed to obtain adequate proof of a far more basic fact – that “Jackie” even reported a gang rape – ever – to anyone.

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By Wendy Murphy    Apr. 10, 2014

Institutional Betrayal Trauma (PDF)


By Wendy Murphy    Jan. 17, 2014


Family-CourtA colleague of mine, Anne Stevenson, recently testified before the Connecticut legislature on behalf of good parents and ethical court employees who feared retribution if they spoke up themselves against the corruption, fraud and shady deals in Connecticut’s family court system.

The content of her testimony is critically important, and not widely understood, so I agreed to post it here to provide folks with a better understanding of how the “divorce industry” in Connecticut is ruining families financially, and subjecting children to dangerous custody arrangements.

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WENDY MURPHY: It’s fine to be gay, but is it great? – The Patriot …

By Wendy Murphy    Jan. 04, 2014

Wendy Murphy is adjunct professor of law at New England Law|Boston and a A former prosecutor, Murphy specializes in the representation of crime victims The Patriot Ledger | 400 Crown Colony Drive, P.O. 699159, Quincy MA …read the article here.


By Wendy Murphy    Dec. 09, 2013

FSU football star Jameis Winston threw three touchdown passes last night to lead his team to victory over Duke for the ACC championship, but no doubt the pass he likes best is the one he got last week from Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs who declined to file sexual assault charges on allegations that began a year ago at Winston’s off-campus apartment.

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WENDY MURPHY: When it comes to sexual assault, listen to a veteran

By Wendy Murphy    Dec. 07, 2013

WENDY MURPHY: When it comes to sexual assault, listen to a veteran. Events Calendar. By Wendy Murphy. For The Patriot Ledger. Posted Dec 07, 2013 …read the article here.

WENDY MURPHY: Truth matters, even for bold sex offenders …

By Wendy Murphy    Oct. 05, 2013

In the genre of strange news, a Level Three sex offender named Carl O. Peterson recently headlined a public forum in Belmont. He said he wanted to openly …read the article here.

Prosecutor had duty to protect victim in Remy case

By Wendy Murphy    Sep. 28, 2013

Written by Wendy Murphy for The Patriot Ledger

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan says she did “nothing wrong” when she allowed Jared Remy to walk out of court a free man only hours before he …read the article here.


By Wendy Murphy    Jul. 22, 2013

By Anonymous Medical School Student

Like so many people, I thought “campus sexual assault” only happened to naïve young women who got drunk and trusted the guys they met at college more than they should have.  I assumed the victims were dressed inappropriately; hanging out with the “wrong crowd,” and just weren’t mature enough to know they were putting themselves at risk.

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WENDY MURPHY: Where’s Rod Serling when you need him? – The Patriot …

By Wendy Murphy    Jun. 29, 2013

If the Twilight Zone’s writers were producing new material today they’d surely pen stories filled with metaphors about how humanity suffers when the government’s power in cyberspace goes unchecked. Read the article here.
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