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By Wendy Murphy    Jun. 17, 2017

A hung jury is as good as an acquittal for Bill Cosby, and it is unlikely that any jury will ever convict Bill Cosby of sexual assault under Pennsylvania law, for two basic reasons:

  1. Rape law in Pennsylvania is among the worst in the nation because it permits many types of rape to occur with impunity, and significantly favors rapists.
  2. The jury selection process allows more rapists, and fewer rape victims, to serve as jurors in rape trials.


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By Wendy Murphy    Mar. 31, 2015

Judge says SaVE can NOT be used to weaken Title IX, or have “any effect” on Title IX’s enforcement on campus.

Dear colleagues;

In an important court ruling last week, a federal judge in D.C. ruled that the Campus SaVE Act can have “no effect” on Title IX.

This was a critically important victory and an important first step on the way to ensuring that no sexual assault victim on any campus is subjected to second-class justice when she seeks redress in the aftermath of sex-based violence (sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.)

SaVE was filed with Congress in 2011 with the enthusiastic support of many advocacy groups around the nation because they were told SaVE would “codify” the Department of Education’s April 4, 2011 Dear Colleague Letter.  (DCL)  The DCL was excellent and made clear that schools must address violence against women using the SAME standards as those that apply to the redress of violence on the basis of race, national origin, etc.  Violence against women in education had finally achieved its rightful seat at the civll rights table of justice.

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By Wendy Murphy    Feb. 18, 2015

For Women’s eNews
New England Law|Boston

50 Shades of GreyIf ticket sales are any measure, Fifty Shades of Grey is a resounding victory.  But if success is also determined by whether a film can make an entire population of people believe that sexually brutalizing a human being is an acceptable way to achieve orgasm, then the film could well become a towering achievement if the faces of people in the audience are any indication.  One friend described what she saw: “I felt terribly sad watching violence being portrayed as sexually desirable, but what really got to me was that people around me – including many young women – were smiling at the very scenes where I was on the verge of tears.”

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By Wendy Murphy    Jan. 17, 2014


Family-CourtA colleague of mine, Anne Stevenson, recently testified before the Connecticut legislature on behalf of good parents and ethical court employees who feared retribution if they spoke up themselves against the corruption, fraud and shady deals in Connecticut’s family court system.

The content of her testimony is critically important, and not widely understood, so I agreed to post it here to provide folks with a better understanding of how the “divorce industry” in Connecticut is ruining families financially, and subjecting children to dangerous custody arrangements.

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WENDY MURPHY: When it comes to sexual assault, listen to a veteran

By Wendy Murphy    Dec. 07, 2013

WENDY MURPHY: When it comes to sexual assault, listen to a veteran. Events Calendar. By Wendy Murphy. For The Patriot Ledger. Posted Dec 07, 2013 …read the article here.

WENDY MURPHY: ‘Governor Equality’ ignores the equal rights of …

By Wendy Murphy    Nov. 23, 2013

As invisible social problems go, gender discrimination in Massachusetts is downright ghostly. …read the article here.

WENDY MURPHY: I was just thinking …

By Wendy Murphy    Nov. 02, 2013

How come it’s OK for Hooters to hire only those waitresses with certain body parts because it’s “required for the job,” yet cops can be severely obese even if …read the article here.

Prosecutor had duty to protect victim in Remy case

By Wendy Murphy    Sep. 28, 2013

Written by Wendy Murphy for The Patriot Ledger

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan says she did “nothing wrong” when she allowed Jared Remy to walk out of court a free man only hours before he …read the article here.


By Wendy Murphy    Jul. 22, 2013

By Anonymous Medical School Student

Like so many people, I thought “campus sexual assault” only happened to naïve young women who got drunk and trusted the guys they met at college more than they should have.  I assumed the victims were dressed inappropriately; hanging out with the “wrong crowd,” and just weren’t mature enough to know they were putting themselves at risk.

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Elite colleges earn title of ‘Rape U’ – The Patriot …

By Wendy Murphy    Jun. 01, 2013

One in four students will be victimized, usually during freshman year. College women are more likely to be attacked than women who do not go to college.  …read the article here.

Via: Wendy Murphy Commentary on Patriot Ledger 

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