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By Wendy Murphy    Mar. 25, 2015

University of VirginiaIt’s NOT a news story that Charlottesville police were “unable to confirm” a story reported in Rolling Stone Magazine last year about the gang rape of a student named “Jackie.”

Indeed, anyone with a brain watching the UVA Rolling Stone story unfold knows the Rolling Stone story was propped up PR – injected into the media BY UVA itself to distract public attention from the ugly truth about UVA as a dangerous school for women.  The “Jackie” story was delivered to Rolling Stone by Emily Renda, a UVA employee and the magazine ran with it even though, thus far, not a single document or piece of paper has been produced proving that “Jackie” even exists, much less that she made an allegation of rape ever – against anyone.


UVA is currently under investigation by TWO federal agencies for severe and pervasive violations of women’s rights under Title IX because of the grotesque way it has mistreated victims.  Even the school’s designated sexual assault nurse is in hot water because of allegations that she “lost” or destroyed photographs of a victim’s genital injuries, and provided false and misleading evidence to the hearing board that ruled in favor of the perpetrator.

Nobody cares that the Charlottesville police department is so inept it “could not confirm” a rape report.  But everyone DOES care that the very same police department systematically refuses to prosecute rapes committed by UVA students.

People also care that Charlottesville police Chief Timothy Longo, who held a strange press conference to “announce” the “breaking news” that he “could not confirm” the Jackie story, failed to reveal that he lectures at UVA as lecturer and that his wife works for the university health systems, as did his daughter until recently.  More importantly, Chief Longo failed to include in his “breaking news” story that UVA has never once expelled a student rapist, and that his department, coincidentally, has never filed criminal charges against a UVA rapist.

Violence against women at UVA is a real news story, as is the fact that a man named Jesse Matthew currently faces murder charges in the death of UVA student Hannah Graham.  Matthew is also suspected or accused of murder and sexual crimes against many other women, including UVA students.  THIS is worthy of “Breaking News” on every network because Matthew was hired by UVA AFTER two other colleges expelled him for sexual assault – but don’t hold your breath for the press release.

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